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WEBINAR: Legal Basics Webinar: Medicare Parts A, B, and C

December 16, 2016

When: Tuesday, January 10, 2017 11:00 a.m. PT/ 2:00 p.m. ET

Legal services and aging network professionals frequently contact Justice in Aging with questions about Medicare. The program is overwhelmingly popular with the 55 million older adults and people with disabilities who use it for health insurance coverage—yet, the program’s different components can sometimes confound newer legal services attorneys and aging network professionals.

This training, Legal Basics: Medicare Parts A, B, and C, provides a basic training on Medicare Parts A, B, and C, designed to give a foundational understanding in Medicare eligibility, coverage, and payment rules. The training is accompanied by a Chapter Summary of important points and concepts.

This training is designed for newer legal services attorneys, law students, aging and disability network professionals looking to understand the basic principles of Medicare. 

Amber Christ, Senior Staff Attorney, Justice in Aging
Georgia Burke, Directing Attorney, Justice in Aging

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 11:00 a.m. PT/ 2:00 p.m. ET.

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