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THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX Creative and Culturally Competent Outreach Strategies in Health Care Transitions

March 4, 2015

Changes to health care coverage are happening rapidly and can be confusing for advocates to understand and explain to beneficiaries.

This issue brief, the first we’re releasing under our new name, Justice in Aging, and co-authored by Advocates for African American Elders (AAAE), discusses the importance of effective outreach and education during any complex health care transition.

As a real world example, it focuses on how AAAE’s culturally competent outreach model communicates changes under California’s Coordinated Care Initiative to dual eligible beneficiaries, who are being moved into managed care plans. The brief offers insight into and instruction on how to communicate changes in a person-centered and engaging manner. It concludes with practical tips for advocates and stakeholders and should be of use to those who are preparing their own communities for complex health care transitions.

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