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Text graphic that says "Denise & Robert Georgie celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2022."

They worked hard all their lives to provide for their family. But now that they’re retired and on a fixed income, they struggle to pay their medical bills and afford the needed repairs on the home they bought together 50 years ago.

The Georgies hope the future will allow their children and grandchildren to age without worry. Justice in Aging is building that future.

Lolita Owens stands smiling, wearing a winter coat. The text above her head says, Lolita Owens turned fifty this year.

That’s what inspired her to be an in-home care worker. She knows first-hand what older adults need to stay safe in their homes and connected to their communities. She also knows that, to do their job well, care workers like herself need fair wages, health care, and respect.

Justice in Aging advocates alongside care workers like Lolita for investments that will enable us all to receive quality, reliable care at home when we need it.

Pedro Rodriguez sits smiling, wearing a checkered shirt. Above him a text graphic says, Pedro Rodriguez immigrated to the U.S. with his family fifty years ago.
Text graphic that says, "He remembers having to translate health information for his parents into English as a child."

His experiences as the eldest child in an immigrant family inspired him to be an activist. In Philadelphia, he helped get the city to make public transportation free for older adults.

He understands that improving the system is possible, but can take years of slow, methodical work. That’s why he’s never stopped fighting for the rights of older adults in his community. And neither will Justice in Aging.

This poem was written by Brian Sonia-Wallace in commemoration of our 50th anniversary and in honor of older people everywhere whose experiences of aging are both varied and universal.

Performed by Brian Sonia-Wallace, Poet Laureate of West Hollywood, writer, and teaching artist, Lynn Thompson, Los Angeles’ 21-22 Poet Laureate, and Lisbeth Coiman, a bilingual writer, educator, and cultural commentator from Venezuela. Directed by Tyler Burdenski, and produced by Muddled Media.

We all have a role to play in building a better system that will allow everyone to age in dignity and justice. Join us in making the next 50 years brighter and more equitable for everyone.

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