Addressing Hunger Within the Web of Senior Poverty

Nationally, twenty-three percent of low-income older adults currently face food insecurity – meaning they lack consistent access to adequate food. This figure is expected to double over the next decade as the number of seniors living in poverty continues to increase. In Los Angeles County, there are over 300,000 low-income seniors who cannot make ends meet. Yet, only a fraction of this population – approximately nineteen percent – receive free food or assistance through existing meal programs.

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LGBT Older Adults Still Face Discrimination

Imagine being out and proud all of your adult life and then moving into a long-term care facility and having to go back into the closet because you don’t feel safe coming out to staff and other residents. Imagine being dismissed and disrespected when you advocate strongly for the rights of your same-sex companion while she’s being cared for in a nursing home. Imagine feeling like you have to endure homophobic comments from a personal care worker assigned to you because you’re afraid of how he’ll treat you if you speak up.

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Thank you Supreme Court Justices for Upholding the Affordable Care Act

We are pleased that the Supreme Court decided to protect the current and future health insurance of millions of Americans in today’s King v. Burwell decision. Three years after the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act as the law of the land, we are grateful the court once again dismissed this latest ill-advised attempt to undermine the law, by protecting health coverage for 6.4 million enrollees, who will retain access to tax credit subsidies that make coverage possible.

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A Strong and Inspiring Coalition: Celebrating 25 Years of Advocacy and the ADA

“The road to enactment will be filled with potholes and roadblocks,” said Senator Tom Harkin in 1988 during a joint committee hearing on S. 2345, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). “But if we stick together as a community…I believe we will succeed.” Decades later, ADA advocacy continues to serve as an inspiring model for the aging and disability community as we work together to advance our shared goals.

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