Promoting Economic Security for Older Women of Color

AARP: Promoting Economic Security for Older Women of Color (April 13, 2021)

The ability to enjoy a secure retirement begins long before a person turns 65 – that’s why it’s a multi-faceted, multigenerational problem. And while women’s outsized economic hurdles are just beginning to gain traction – especially in light of COVID’s impacts on jobs and caregiving – what doesn’t get nearly enough attention are the particularly acute economic struggles that older women of color face.

AARP spoke with Tracey Gronniger, Justice in Aging’s directing attorney for the economic security team about this  important topic. One key quote from the piece centers on intersectionality. “Older Black, Latina, and Native American women are living at twice the level of poverty as older white women. That’s because they have spent their lives facing the dual challenges of gender discrimination and systemic racial discrimination,” said Tracey.

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