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Past Litigation

A Champion in the Courts Since 1972

Litigation is an important component of our model of change. Each year, our attorneys provide trainings on a wide range of legal issues to over 30,000 aging and disability attorneys, advocates, and service providers. We use information we receive from this network of professionals to identify problems in current systems and to develop and push for the adoption of policies to address those problems. If we are not successful in getting government agencies to adopt those policy proposals, we develop litigation that will break down barriers to benefits. Over the past 48 years, Justice in Aging has returned billions of dollars in benefits to low-income older adults. Browse through some of our more recent past cases below. To go back further in time, read more here. 

Price v. McCarthy – Litigation

Price v. McCarthy(United States District Court/Southern District of Ohio Western Division) Eighty-nine year old Betty Hilleger, who suffered from frailty and dementia, exhausted all of her limited savings as a

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