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& Medicaid

Two Critical Programs for Older Adults

Medicare and Medicaid are the two most critical health care programs for older adults. Explore the sections below to find Issue Briefs, Fact Sheets, and other resources to help you connect older adults to these programs, as well as advocacy tips and manuals to help you expand, improve, and protect the programs in your own community.Ā 

Dual Eligibles

Low-income older adults and people with disabilities who receive both Medicare & Medicaid are known as Dual Eligibles, and face unique barriers to accessing health care. We break down those barriers.

Oral Health

Oral health is a critical aspect of overall health for older adults, yet fewer than half of older adults are able to visit a dentist each year. Our work focuses on expanding oral health coverage for older adults, including adding a dental benefit to Medicare.

Protecting Medicare and Medicaid

Programs that serve older adults must be affordable and accessible to all, without discrimination, for every older person to have the opportunity to able age with justice. We fight to expand and protect those programs from threats.

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