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Why did NSCLC change its name to Justice in Aging?

As income inequality increases and the population ages, senior poverty is a growing problem that will affect more and more families. We need more allies in our efforts to combat this trend. Our name change is part of a larger strategic process that will help us engage more people and organizations in our mission. A new name and tagline that is easier to say and remember, more modern, and more reflective of the work we’ve always done will help us strengthen current partnerships and develop new ones.

Does this name change reflect a change in focus for the organization?

Not at all. The administrative advocacy we engage in, our high impact litigation, and the research, materials, and trainings we provide to advocates across the country to increase access to affordable health care and improve economic security for low-income seniors will remain our focus. Our new name and tagline is simply a new way of presenting our work to broader audiences with a message that is easier for people to understand and engage in.

Does the new tagline point to a new focus on senior poverty?

Fighting senior poverty is the foundation of all the work we do to preserve and expand the social safety net programs poor seniors rely on. This work will remain our focus. With more people aging into poverty, these programs will become even more critical in creating a world where everyone can age in dignity, free from the stress and harms of poverty.

How did you choose the name?

We worked closely with a small team of consultants to interview stakeholders, partners, board, and staff; refine our mission and values; and point us to a focus on justice and poverty. Then we evaluated a number of name ideas with the help of internal and external stakeholders. We chose Justice in Aging as the name that most closely represents where we are now and the role we want to play in solving problems of the future.

What else has changed?

Our website is redesigned and reorganized; we’ve updated our look and our colors, we’ve added a blog to the site; and launched all new social media channels. You can also expect to see us highlighting more stories about how our work impacts the lives of real people.

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