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W & M Eyes Rx Savings to add Part B Benefits, GOP Would Hike Trust Fund

Inside Health Policy: W&M Eyes Rx Savings To Add Part B Benefits, GOP Would Hike Trust Fund (October 22, 2019)

The House Ways & Means Committee passed legislation to add vision, hearing and dental benefits to Medicare Part B. Justice in Aging is in support of this legislation because these benefits are necessary for Medicare recipients to be able to afford to pay for the care they need. Jennifer Goldberg, Justice in Aging’s Deputy Director, was interviewed for this article in which she shared Justice in Aging’s view that adding these benefits to Part B would be consistent with the growing recognition that oral health care should be more fully integrated into overall health, both in Medicare and more broadly, and that doing so will not impact the Medicare Trust Fund. Justice in Aging sent a letter to Ways & Means and the House Energy & Commerce Committee in strong support of H.R. 3. This article is behind a paywall. This is a summary.

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