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Thousands of Californians are Losing Medi-Cal Every Month. What to do if you Lose Coverage

Cal Matters
| Published September 18, 2023

More than 300,000 Californians have lost their Medi-Cal eligibility since July 1. The majority of lost coverage in June and July due to procedural reasons, such as not sending their renewal forms back or having incorrect information in their forms, according to state data.

According to health policy organization Justice in Aging, seniors and those with disabilities have experienced higher rates of disenrollment from Medi-Cal. Seniors, pregnant women, and certain children under 21 experienced a disenrollment rate of 26.7% in June 2023, compared to the overall average rate of 21%, according to the Department of Health Care Services.

Often seniors and other dual-eligibles use their Medi-Cal benefits to cover their Medicare premiums as well as any wraparound services not included in Medicare. The loss of Medi-Cal means they may lose these additional benefits and face the deduction of Medicare premiums from their Social Security checks, said Huyenh-Cho.

“That puts people at risk of not being able to pay for rent and other needs, like clothing, food  and utilities,” she said. “One of the big concerns that we have is it puts people at risk of economic insecurity and potentially at risk of homelessness because of that loss of income.”

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