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Social Security: Student Loan Borrowers with Past Due Accounts Could Have Checks Garnished as Soon as Fall 2024

Yahoo! Finance
| Published September 20, 2023

The resumption of student loan payments will begin in October following a three-year hiatus, putting a dent in millions of Americans’ budgets. But for a specific group, this might also translate into Social Security benefits garnishments

With the resumption looming, last week, a group of lawmakers reintroduced the Protection of Social Security Benefits Restoration Act — a legislation, that restores federal protections of Social Security benefits to prevent the federal government from garnishing them for the repayment of all non-tax federal debt — such as student loans, according to a statement.

Kate Lang, director of federal income security at Justice in Aging — an organization that has backed the proposal — said she was concerned about the resumption of payments, specifically about the fact that some will “no longer have that money that they have been relying on since March 2020 to meet their basic needs for food, medicine, etc.”

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Kate Lang
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