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Nursing Home Residents Suing Maryland Department of Health over Inspections, Enforcement

| Published May 17, 2024

Nursing home residents are suing the state of Maryland over what they said is a matter of dignity and accountability. Fewer than half of over 13,000 complaints have been investigated over 3 years, lawsuit alleges

Attorneys filed a class-action lawsuit (the names listed on the document are pseudonyms) in federal court on behalf of five nursing home residents, accusing the Maryland Department of Health of failing to hold nursing homes accountable when those facilities don’t meet mandated federal and state standards.

“The state of Maryland is falling down on the job of making sure that nursing facilities are doing their job, protecting people’s health, safety, quality of life, longevity of life,” Debra Gardner, legal director of the Public Justice Center, said.

The Public Justice Center and Justice in Aging claim: “High-need residents are often left unattended for hours in soiled linens and clothing with their calls for help going unanswered.”

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