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In AEP Home Stretch, CMS Grapples with Plan Finder “Glitches”

AIS Health: In AEP Home Stretch, CMS Grapples with Plan Finder “Glitches” (December 5, 2019) RADAR on Medicare Advantage

Despite a major overhaul to the Medicare Plan Finder (MPF) that was readied in time for the Annual Election Period ending on Dec. 7, multiple reports at press time indicated that the online tool was providing inaccurate cost estimates for users, especially relating to prescription drugs. In a blog post responding to the reports, CMS said it stands by the accuracy of the tool, but it acknowledged that it has been making updates to the MPF as issues are flagged, giving weight to consumer advocates’ concerns that CMS did not allow enough time for testing the tool before rolling it out.

“At the outset, CMS did not provide enough time to test the functionality of the tool, which has led to ‘testing in real time’ with real ramifications to Medicare beneficiaries and their ability to access care,” said Directing Attorney, Amber Christ. This article is behind a paywall, but the publisher, allowed us to reprint it. Click below to read the full story.

In AEP Home Stretch, CMS Grapples With Plan Finder ‘Glitches’

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