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As Federal Student Loan Payments Restart, Some Older Borrowers’ Social Security Benefits May be at Risk

| Published September 19, 2023

Millions of Americans will be on the hook to make monthly payments on those debts, including some Social Security beneficiaries. But if those debtors fall behind on their federal student loans, that may eventually put a portion of the income they receive from Social Security benefits at risk.

“The amount of student debt held by older adults has gone up dramatically in the past 15 years or so,” said Kate Lang, director of federal income security at Justice in Aging, an organization devoted to fighting senior poverty.

Justice in Aging has endorsed the legislative proposal to prevent Social Security checks from garnishment, which may help provide additional protections, according to Lang. Yet this kind of bill has been proposed in the past and not made it into law, she said.

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Kate Lang
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