Using the power of law to fight senior poverty

At Justice in Aging, we use the power of law and our expertise in government safety net programs like Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and SSI to fight senior poverty. We engage in three main arenas to protect the rights of poor seniors and strengthen the programs they rely on: administrative advocacy, providing expertise and resources to direct service advocates, and litigation. Learn more about our model of change and how we work.

A close-up of an older Black woman with a warm smile, wearing earrings and a striped top with a dark cardigan. She has short curly hair and a joyful expression.
A photo of a Buddhist monk with a mask and glasses getting his temperature checked with an infrared thermometer and is surrounded by other masked people.
COVID-19 and Unwinding
Photo of an older white man, maybe in his 70s, in sitting in a restaurant setting with blurred background. He wears black, thick-rimmed glasses and smiles at the camera.
Dual Eligibles
An older white man with a warm smile, wearing a cap and holding onto a metal pole with his left hand. The background features a vibrant red building.
Elder Rights
A close-up of a smiling man with dark brown skin. He’s wearing a white cap and a burgundy shirt and is of middle to older age.
An older white woman with silver and Black short hair smiles at the camera
Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)
Housing and Homelessness Prevention
A photo of an older couple enjoying an affectionate moment in an outdoor setting. The woman is smiling warmly towards the camera. The man is dressed in a suit and tie, and his expression is one of contentment as the lady's hand is gently placed on his cheek.
Long-Term Services & Supports
A portrait of an older Latina woman with curly black hair, wearing a bright pink top with floral patterns and a necklace. She has a gentle expression on her face and is standing against a textured beige wall.
A close-up of a middle-aged Black woman wearing a black face mask, cap, and colorful top. She has a gold necklace with a cross pendant. In the background, there's a blue canopy and blurred figures, suggesting an outdoor event.
Young Asian woman smiles with arms wrapped around her grandmother or another older adult.
Nursing Homes
A portrait of an older Latina woman with a confident expression, wearing lipstick, a wide-brimmed black hat, gold earrings, and a green polka-dot blouse with a scarf tied at the neck. The background is blurred with hints of a mural.
Older Immigrants
An older white couple posing closely together and smiling in a warmly-lit room.
Oral Health
Photo of an entryway to a highway with a metal guardrail on the side
Reentry for Formerly Incarcerated Older Adults
An older white couple smiling, hugging each other outdoors in a lively public space.
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
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