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Understanding CMS’s New Nursing Facility Guidance

On June 29, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released revised Surveyor’s Guidelines for nursing facilities. The Guidelines are used by government inspectors in determining whether and to what extent a nursing facility has violated federal requirements.

The revised Guidelines implement certain regulations promulgated in 2016, and also incorporate concepts from President Biden’s recently announced initiative to improve nursing facility care. Among other things, the revised Guidelines address staffing levels, visitation rights, infection prevention and control, and arbitration agreements. Notably, the Guidelines improve transfer/discharge standards and set forth important strategies to provide culturally competent care.

The revised Guidelines total 847 pages and include both new and old material. Justice in Aging has prepared an issue brief, Understanding CMS’s New Nursing Facility Guidance, that summarizes and explains the new revisions, with a focus on the revisions most important to residents and their advocates.

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