How Legal Services Can Better Serve AAPI Older Adults

Management Information Exchange Journal: How Legal Services Can Better Serve AAPI Older Adults Summer, 2021

Justice in Aging attorneys Denny Chan and Vivianne Mbaku authored this piece for the Management Information Exchange Journal. Below is an excerpt. The full PDF is linked above.

According to Census data, the AAPI community is one of the fastest growing groups in the United States. More specifically, AAPI older adults constitute over five percent of the
total older adult population and over ten percent of the total AAPI population in the United States. AAPI older adults have unique needs that arise at the intersection of age and race, like poverty, limited English proficiency, and prolific anti-Asian hate. These needs can best be addressed by legal services providers who actively understand these issues and incorporate
this understanding into their lawyering. This incorporation includes robust language access policies, internal hiring and data collection policies that best serve AAPI communities, prioritizing community partnerships, and centering AAPI older adult clients through trauma-informed and culturally competent lawyering.

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