Growing US Senior Population Faces Unmet Legal Needs

Law 360: Growing US Senior Population Faces Unmet Legal Needs (April 21, 2023)

Elder law has emerged as an important access to justice issue in recent years. The United States has a burgeoning share of elderly residents, and many of them need legal help. At the same time, only a small number of lawyers possess specialized training to meet their needs, and an even smaller number of those are willing and able to serve people who have little or no money to pay.

justice in Aging Directing Attorney of Elder Rights, Sarah Galvan was interviewed for this article. Galvan said elder law matters to everyone, because people who might imagine they would never need this type of legal assistance might discover that they really do. And legal help can support older adults in living independently in the communities that they choose, she said.

“Having older adults in our communities living vibrant lives is really a benefit to us all,” Galvan said.

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