Free Webinar: Strengthening Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Achieve Better Housing Outcomes for Older Adults

This webinar took place on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, from 10:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. PT.

If older adults facing housing issues are best served when legal services advocates work in close partnership with social services providers, why is this model not more common? Is it too hard to pull off, or is it because of fear and misunderstanding amongst the different players? This candid and lively presentation, Strengthening Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Achieve Better Housing Outcomes for Older Adults, will explore the benefits and challenges of using multidisciplinary partnerships, including social workers, case managers, and other community organizations, to help older adults have better housing outcomes. 

We will discuss different models of multidisciplinary partnership, with examples where the collaboration led to successful results for older tenants. 

Topics include: the respective roles in this partnership, client confidentiality and duties to clients, and opportunities for social workers to educate attorneys on psychological diagnoses (including hoarding, PTSD, and personality disorders). Finally, this presentation will show why it is so important that we work together – both to achieve better outcomes for our clients and to sustain us in our work. 

CLE credit will be available. Please contact Jennifer Pardini at Legal Assistance for Seniors if you have questions about CLE credit.

Who Should Participate:
Legal advocates, social workers, community and mental health workers, and case managers.

Hannah Brady, Housing Programs Manager, Senior Advocacy Network
Shawna Reeves, Special Projects Consultant, Legal Assistance for Seniors
Kirsten Voyles, Legal Director, Legal Assistance for Seniors 
Patti Prunhuber, Director, Housing Advocacy, Justice in Aging 

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