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WEBINAR: Hart v. Berryhill Implementation (also known as Hart v. Colvin)


When: September 7, 2017

Because of the poor quality of his exams, many people who were examined by Dr. Frank Chen for their Social Security disability or SSI disability claim may now be able to have their disability claim reviewed if they request it. Notices were scheduled to go out on September 25, 2017 to over 4,000 people with closed claims, who may be eligible for some type of relief and will now need to decide whether to elect relief under the settlement. This training gives practical details of who is eligible for relief, what type of relief they are eligible for, and how to obtain relief. The settlement is very complex, and representatives will benefit from learning about the variations in the types of relief, depending on the status of a claim.

Hart v. Berryhill (Colvin) is a Social Security and SSI disability class action that challenged the Social Security Administration’s continued use of medical reports from Dr. Frank Chen even after he had been disqualified from performing medical examinations for Social Security because of serious deficiencies in his reports. Dr. Chen performed exams in the greater Bay Area, and as far south as San Luis Obispo. The settlement, which was approved earlier this year, provides an opportunity for new disability determinations for many class members.

A previous webinar focused on relief for a smaller group of class members with open claims.

Gerald McIntyre, Special Counsel, Justice in Aging
Trinh Phan, Senior Staff Attorney, Justice in Aging

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