Effective Patient Education Strategies

The Caring Generation: Effective Patient Education Strategies (November 1, 2020)

In this podcast, caregiving expert Pamela Wilson speaks with Justice in Aging attorney Eric Carlson about the rights of patients being discharged from hospitals, tips for evaluating and signing nursing home agreements, and the legal reasons for evictions. Patients and nursing facility residents have a more rights than they may realize even if asserting them may be uncomfortable. Some agreements are 30-40 pages long and may have serious problems, so people should take the time they need to read them and also feel free to cross out passages that are inappropriate. “They may purport to limit the kind of care that people are entitled to, they may list illegitimate reasons for eviction. They may try to make family members and friends liable for the nursing facility bill. This so-called Responsible Party Provision, which is generally not allowed under the federal Nursing Home Reform Law, and they may provide for arbitration,” said Eric. The website includes a transcript of the audio.

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