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On November 15, 2016, Justice in Aging hosted the forum Dignity for All: Ensuring Economic Security as America Ages in Washington DC at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation’s Barbara Jordan Conference Center. The forum featured researchers, service providers, and advocates exploring the issue of economic security for older Americans and their families. Our three panels focused on the growing numbers of seniors living in poverty, efforts local providers are undertaking to serve these seniors, and policies we can advance to improve their lives.

Introductions and Keynote Remarks

Justice in Aging Executive Director Kevin Prindiville and Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL).

Panel 1: Understanding Low-Income Older Adults through Research and Data

Moderator: Emily Allen, AARP Foundation
Tricia Neuman, Kaiser Family Foundation
Steve Wallace, University of California, Los Angeles
Monique Morrissey, Economic Policy Institute

The first panel featured economists and academics who discussed the latest numbers on senior poverty. They talked about the numbers of poor seniors today and projections for the decades to come. They also discussed the demographics of the population and identify particular populations, such as women and people of color, who are disproportionately represented among poor seniors.

Powerpoint presentation

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Panel 2: Providing Critical Services for Low-Income Seniors

The second panel featured a collection of direct service providers, including legal services providers, who serve low-income seniors on a daily basis. The panelists shared their experience of providing services to poor seniors and stories of the older adults they serve.

Moderator: Jennifer Goldberg, Justice in Aging
Corinne Jan, Family Bridges
Peter Travitsky, New York Legal Assistance Group
Imani Woody, Mary’s House for Older Adults

Powerpoint presentation

Watch the recording

Panel 3: Advocating to Improve Seniors’ Health and Economic Security

The final panel featured several advocates who are working to advance state and federal policies that will improve the health and economic security of poor seniors. Each panelist described advocacy efforts they are engaged in and provided information on how others in the room can partner with them.

Moderator: Kevin Prindiville, Justice in Aging
Tracey Gronniger, Justice in Aging
Bill Rivera, AARP Foundation
Rebecca Vallas, Center for American Progress

We are grateful for Borchard Foundation Center on Law and Aging’s support for this important forum.

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