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The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the unmet needs of low-income older adults across the country, as well as the disparate impact a public health crisis like COVID-19 has on communities of color. Older adults and people with underlying and chronic health conditions are most at risk from both the virus and the range of harms caused by isolation during strict physical distancing. Older adults who were already living on limited income and experiencing health disparities due to historical and present-day discrimination are most at risk of dying, whether it be from COVID-19 itself or not being able to get or afford other necessary healthcare, nutrition, and housing.

Despite these facts, the relief packages passed so far have not focused on the needs of those most impacted.

We are asking Congress to take action on a range of issues. Nearly 200 organizations signed onto our letter to Congressional Leadership. You can help bring about the change we need by using the resources in this toolkit to communicate with your members of Congress.

Hereā€™s what you can do:

  • Write to Your Members of Congress using our template letter that offers specific recommendations to meet the needs of low-income older adults in this crisis.
  • Alternatively, use this online email form sponsored by The Arc and modify it using points from our template letter. It will send directly to your Senators and Representative.
  • Call Your Senators & your Representative and ask them to prioritize the needs of low-income older adults.
  • Use the tweets and graphic in our Social Media Toolkit to tweet at your Senators and Representatives. Find their Twitter handles here.Ā 
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