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Celebrating Marriage Equality for Older LGBT Couples

We at Justice in Aging are thrilled that the Supreme Court has ruled to extend marriage rights to all same sex couples across the nation. Access to the rights and benefits of marriage is important for everyone, and has an even greater impact on the lives of many older LGBT couples.More LGBT couples will enjoy economic security in retirement thanks to federal spousal and survivor benefits such as Social Security, Medicare, and Veterans’ Benefits. Aging LGBT couples can now be there to support each other as their health care needs increase, as marriage brings with it the right to advocate and make crucial health care decisions for a spouse who is hospitalized and may not be able to make her own decisions.

Same sex couples will no longer be denied the property and retirement account inheritance rights that opposite sex married couples enjoy. This historic decision by the Supreme Court brings justice to a huge segment of the population that has worked so hard and waited so long for their right to marry those they love.

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