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California Resources & Trainings

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With support from the California Department of Aging, Justice in Aging is providing targeted resources and trainings, technical assistance, opportunities to connect, and capacity building support to California legal services providers to help them meet the needs of the state’s low-income older adults.

Below you’ll find a curated list of California-specific trainings on a variety of topics, including health care, public benefits, housing, long-term care, protective services, abuse and neglect, discrimination and defense of conservatorship. Please check the date for the materials, as policies may have changed following publication. Justice in Aging is also available for one-on-one case consultations and technical assistance.

These resources are specific to California – for national resources, please visit the National Center on Law & Elder Rights. Please reach out to us if you’d like more information or to request a consultation.

Elder Justice

Advance Planning & Decision-Making Supports

Other Materials

2023: PLI, Serving Clients with Diminished Capacity – Ethics Issues in Legal Services and Pro Bono Practice Online Program


Small Claims Court

OneJustice: Small Claims/Back Rent Toolkit


OneJustice: Consumer Debt Resources

Elder Abuse

Restraining Orders

July 2023: Basics of California Elder Abuse Restraining Orders and Recent Updates Webinar | Slides


January 2023: Legal Aid Association of California – Ethical Representation of Abuse Victims: A Best Practices Guide for Attorneys in Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Cases Webinar | Slides

Financial Exploitation

June 2023: PLI –  Financial Elder Abuse – Emerging Issues and New Approaches to Help Elder Facing Exploitation Online Program

October 2018: Elder Financial Exploitation in California: Addressing the Impact on Public Benefits Webinar | Slides | Guide for Advocate

October 2018: Financial Exploitation of Older Adults Guide for California Advocates

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Economic Security and Housing

SSI and Social Security


February 2021: Supplemental Security Income Webinar


September 2022: Legal Aid Association of California – Best Practices for Social Security Disability Hearings Webinar

Topics in SSI

April 2023: SSI and Social Security Applications and Appeals Webinar

March 2023: ABLE Accounts and Supplemental Security Income Webinar | Fact Sheet | Transcript

November 2022: Housing Security, Understanding In-Kind Support and Maintenance, and Navigating the POMS Webinar

September 2022: Legal Aid Association of California – SSI Overpayments and Lump Sums Webinar | Slides

February 2022: SSI and SSA Overpayments Webinar



January 2023: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Webinar | Slides


Eviction Defense/Tenant Rights

October 2023: Using California’s Source of Income Discrimination Law to Protect Tenants & Applicants with Rental Subsidies Webinar | Slides | Resource List

April 2023: Tenants’ Rights in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Properties Webinar | Slides | Transcript |  Resource List

February 2023: PLI – Advocate’s Guide for Protecting Tenants’ Rights During a Global Pandemic – Advanced Unlawful Detainer Defense 2023 Online Program

September 2022: Using the Reasonable Accommodation Process to Protect Older Tenants Living with Disabilities-Part Two Webinar | Slides

September 2022: Using the Reasonable Accommodation Process to Protect Older Tenants Living with Disabilities-Part One Webinar | Slides | Resources

California’s HomeSafe Program

February 2023: Using California’s HomeSafe Program to Get and Keep Older Adults Housed Webinar | Slides | Transcript

Mobile Home Parks

May 2022: Mobile Home Park Homeowner and Resident Rights Webinar | Slides


February 2023: California Homeowner Help with Delinquent Mortgages and Property Taxes Fact Sheet

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December 2022: National Health Law Program – An Advocates Guide to Medi-Cal Services

Recent Changes to Medi-Cal

December 2023: Medi-Cal Asset Limit Elimination: What Advocates Need to Know Webinar | Slides | Transcript

September 2023: Medi-Cal Updates and the Medi-Cal Unwinding Webinar | Slides | Transcript

March 2023: Medi-Cal Unwinding Webinar | Fact Sheet for Dual Eligibles

April 2022: Spousal Impoverishment Fact Sheet | FAQ

October 2021: Changes to Health Care in 2022 Fact Sheet



October 2022: Medicare Part D Webinar

January 2017: Medicare Parts A, B, & C Webinar

Dual Eligibles


March 2023: Advocate Guide

November 2022: CalAIM and Older Adults: Upcoming Changes in 2023-Part Three Webinar | Slides

September 2022: CalAIM and Older Adults: Upcoming Changes in 2023-Part Two Webinar | Slides

June 2022: CalAIM and Older Adults: Upcoming Changes in 2023-Part One Webinar | Slides

Improper Billing

May 2021: Protecting Dual Eligibles from Improper Billings Webinar | Slides | Fact Sheet

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

June 2019: Advocate Guide

Recent Changes – 2022

December 2022: IHSS Back-up Provider Registry Slides

Oral Health

July 2023: Oral Health for Older Adults in California Webinar | Slides

June 2018: Advocate Guide – update coming in September 2023

Delivery of Legal Services

Capacity Building

August 2018: Building Your Elder Law Program Webinar

Client-Centered Advocacy

August 2020: Introduction to Trauma Informed Lawyering Webinar


July 2021: Strategies for Developing Accessible Documents and Presentations Webinar

2019: Creating Effective Legal Outreach & Community Engagement Programs Webinar

Partnerships and Communication

November 2022: Strengthening Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Achieve Better Housing Outcomes for Older Adults Webinar

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