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Cal MediConnect Deeming and Aid-Paid-Pending

Most individuals with full Medicare and Medi-Cal coverage are eligible to enroll in a Cal MediConnect plan. When a beneficiary loses full-scope Medi-Cal coverage, she also loses eligibility for Cal MediConnect.

  • What happens when your client loses eligibility for Cal MediConnect?
  • Is there a grace period to reestablish eligibility?
  • What are Cal MediConnect deeming and aid-paid-pending? How are they different?

Justice in Aging, with the support of the SCAN foundation, has prepared this fact sheet to help you learn some of the details of two Cal MediConnect eligibility protections: deeming and aid-paid-pending.

The fact sheet addresses:

  • What is Cal MediConnect deeming?
  • What are the benefits of deeming?
  • When is deeming triggered?
  • Length of deeming period,
  • What is Aid-Paid-Pending?
  • Examples, and more.

Get the rundown and see how deeming and aid-paid-pending work to minimize disruption in care and help prevent loss of services for your client.

Find our other training and education materials on Cal MediConnect here.

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