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Updated Advocates Guide to Coordinated Care Initiative

June 15, 2015

California is the largest of nine states currently participating in a financial alignment demonstration that allows states to enroll dually eligible individuals into integrated health plans responsible for delivering both the Medicare and Medicaid benefits. The California demonstration, called Cal MediConnect, has been implemented concurrently with California’s decision to move the delivery of long-term services and supports into managed care under a larger initiative called the Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI).

Justice in Aging created an Advocates Guide to California’s Coordinated Care Initiative to help advocates understand the extensive changes occurring under the CCI. Today, Justice in Aging released Version Four of the Guide.

The Guide:

  • Describes the CCI, including  populations  affected, changes beneficiaries can expect, and where and when the CCI is being implemented
  • Summarizes CCI policies
  • Provides advocacy tips and additional resources

As other states move forward with implementation of duals demonstrations, advocates need tools that explain the complex changes beneficiaries will face.  We hope this Guide can serve as a model tool for advocates in other states.

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