A Postal Slowdown is Scary for those who get Meds by Mail

Wired: A Postal Slowdown is Scary for those who get Meds by Mail, August, 24, 2020

In June, the United States Postal Service (USPS) made cuts that have slowed mail delivery. Hundreds of sorting machines and post office collection boxes were removed from service, and overtime payments for mail carriers were cut. Those cuts could also drastically slow down mail service, and critics such as House speaker Nancy Pelosi and senior-advocacy groups like AARP have criticized their potential to affect the delivery of everything from ballots to financial information to medicine.

Advocates are worried that the older adults and people with disabilities will be left without reliable access to medicine. “It’s really critical to understand that people that are most at risk of the slowdown of the mail affecting their ability to get medicines and supplies are exactly the population that is most at risk from Covid-19,” says Jennifer Goldberg, deputy director of Justice in Aging, a nonprofit that advocates for seniors.

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