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Annual Report 2023

Letter from leadership

You should feel proud. Thanks to your support and partnership, numerous proposals Justice in Aging developed and advocated for are taking root and growing at the state and federal level. For example, 23 states are now developing multi-sector plans to make their communities more aging and disability-friendlyā€” following our work on the Master Plan for Aging in California. The Social Security Administration is improving its systems and simplifying the application process for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and several states are considering eliminating the asset limit for people over 65 who need Medicaid.

Systemic changes like these make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of low-income older adults. The ability to begin an SSI application online easily and quickly without multiple appointments and dropped calls puts needed dollars directly into peopleā€™s bank accounts when they need it most. Being able to access Medicaid without the painful and stressful process of proving you are still poor year after year, despite living on a fixed income, ensures people can see a doctor and access affordable long-term care when they need to.

Throughout this annual report youā€™ll read stories about how, together, weā€™re changing lives by changing systems. A multi-million dollar class action settlement against the Social Security Administration for illegally cutting SSI benefits will provide relief to an estimated 445,000 low-income individuals. Weā€™re advancing health equity through smart policies that make Medicaid and Medicare more affordable and easier to access and navigate. Weā€™re showing policymakers that, with better data, we can create better policies that intentionally target problems older adults from marginalized communities face.

While our core health care, long-term care, economic security, and housing work continue to bring positive systemic change, we are also advancing equity through new areas of work such as guardianship reform, justice for tribal elders, and supporting older adults reentering our communities after incarceration.

Weā€™re not just changing systems. Weā€™re reaching hundreds of thousands of advocates with our resources, webinar trainings, and individual technical support. Those advocates are using the information and expertise we provide to help individual older adult clients access the programs and services they need, and fight for their rights.

We are honored to have you with us as we continue to expand and deepen our work. We will forge ahead in the next year with energy and commitment to improve the lives of low-income older adults.

Kevin Prindiville, Executive Director

Jean Accius, Chair, Board of Directors

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