Annual Report 2023
A close-up portrait of a brown-skinned, middle-aged man with a serious expression. He has a bald head and is wearing a plaid shirt
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We are a national organization that uses the power of law to fight senior poverty by ensuring older adults with limited resources can access the programs and services that enable them to meet their basic needs.

We fight for economic security, affordable health care, access to in-home care, accessible and affordable housing, autonomy, and more.

We center our work in equity by pursuing systemic changes in law and policy to improve the lives of low- income older adults who experience inequities rooted in structural racism, ageism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and xenophobia.

Portrait of an older white, woman with short, white hair. She is wearing a blue surgical mask and a purple shirt. She is standing outdoors with a blurred green background has a discernible smile in her eyes.
Picture of an older man, maybe in his 70s or 80s, at the beach. He is smiling and looking off to something off camera. He is wearing a pink hat and a green marathon shirt.
Our theory of change has three important components.
  • We train the people at the front lines who serve older adults, reaching tens of thousands of advocates from every state each year. These partners use the information we provide to solve legal issues for their older clients and provide us with a window into systemic issues in the programs older adults rely on.
  • We push the agencies who run the programs to make needed systemic changes and work with lawmakers to improve policy.
  • When necessary, we use impact litigation to obtain justice through the courts. Justice in Aging has secured and returned billions of dollars in benefits to older adults over the last 50 years.
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