An aging population and levels of income inequality not seen since the 1920s are creating a senior poverty crisis. But the solutions are within our grasp. We must strongly defend programs, such as Supplemental Social Security (SSI), that many poor seniors and persons with disabilities rely on as their only source of income. Not only must SSI be preserved, but also it must be expanded and made more easily accessible to seniors who qualify. Justice in Aging works with the Social Security Administration to make sure seniors have access to an appeals process that works, and is working with members of Congress to pass the Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act.

Non-disability Appeals

Social Security and SSI recipients should be able to receive their entitled benefits and have access to an appeals process that works. By identifying broken processes and recommending solutions both to the Social Security Administration and to advocates fighting for their clients, we work to ensure that due process is followed throughout the appeals process.

SSI Restoration Act

We believe that no senior should have to choose between food and medicine, become homeless, or lack heat in the winter. Through our work in Washington, D.C. to introduce and garner support for the Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act, we are leading the effort to update the cornerstone poverty program for low-income seniors and people with disabilities.